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BredinsBest is a full service Toronto pet sitting business providing dog, cat, and house sitting. BredinsBest has been built solely on referrals from satisfied clients and recommendations from vets. There is a simple reason for this: Professionalism.

We have been providing pet care in the Greater Toronto Area since 1993.

As an alternative to boarding or sending your pets away we will either visit or live in your home while you are away - this ensures optimum care and happiness for your pets coupled with home security. Pets are much happier and stress free when they are in their own homes surrounded by familiar sounds and smells - the only thing your pet will miss is you.

All BredinsBest staff are mature, reliable animal lovers. Our sitters not only know and love animals they are by nature disciplined, responsible and observant. We are bonded and insured and will supply personal references from our regular clients for the pet sitter assigned to you.

Live-In Service

Whether you are out of town on a business trip or vacation, one of our sitters will stay in your home, sleep overnight and keep your pets on the same feeding and exercise schedule as you would on a normal working day. Once you have established a relationship with a sitter, we do our best to keep you with the same person for each future booking.

Daily Cat Visits

Our cat visits are a minimum of a half hour per visit. We will visit once or twice per day depending on your pets needs. We will supply them with fresh food and water daily, administer medication, clean and change the litter when necessary, play with, and groom your cats if required. We will also collect your mail, water your plants and make sure your house has a lived in look.

Dog Walks

We provide either private or coupled dog walks. Private walks are half an hour each, while coupled walks are 45 minutes in length.

Hourly Care

For various reasons whether it be age, illness or just plain loneliness, some pets cannot be left for too long on their own. We therefore provide an hourly companion service for your pet. Minimum booking is 4 hours.

House/Security Checks

For peace of mind and to meet your insurance needs, we will provide house checks while you are away. This service entails checking your house to make sure all windows and doors are secure, collecting mail and flyers from outside, watering plants and rotating lights so that your house has a lived-in look.

In extremely cold weather we will make sure your water is running and the pipes are not frozen. When heavy snow occurs we will clear the entranceway according to city bylaws and contact your snow removal service to schedule a visit as needed.

For added security, we also provide live-in service. A staff member will live in your home during the time you are away.


[ All rates subject to HST ]
Private Dogwalking Service - 1 Dog (Rosedale only)$27.00 per half-hour walk
$38.00 for one hour
Private Dogwalking Service - 2 Dogs (Rosedale only)$35.00 per half-hour walk
$43.00 for one hour
House Security Checks$26.00 per visit
Live-in House Security Checks$72.00 per day
Cat Visits - 1 or 2 Cats$26.00 per half-hour visit
$40.00 for one hour
Bird Visits - 1 or 2 Birds$26.00 per half-hour visit
$40.00 for one hour
Additional Cats, Birds, Bunnies, Hamsters$5.00 per visit
Hourly Companion Rate$30.00 per hour
Medication Injections (pills at no charge)$10.00 per visit
Introductory/Set-up Visit$23.00

Live-In Service: (2 day booking minimum)

1 or 2 Cats - Base Rate$77.00 per day
(Each additional Cat or Pet per household)$9.00 per day
1 Dog - Base Rate$82.00 per day
(Each additional Dog per household)$28.00 per day
1 Dog with 1 Cat$90.00 per day
Premium Service$108.00 per day
Puppy Rate$118.00 per day
Statutory holidays charged at time & a half
Key Pick-up/Drop-off$18.00
(For convenience, regular clients may leave their keys at the office.)

For long term assignments and peak holiday periods, please book as early as possible to ensure availability. Due to the amount of time our sitters spend at your home - regardless of starting time, our live-in rates apply on a per day basis not per night / or 24hr. basis.

We cannot provide service without prepayment.


25% Cancellation fee is applicable on all bookings once you have reserved a sitter.

50% fee is applicable should you cancel 72 hours prior to departure.

100% fee 24 hours prior to departure.


Contact Us

Please contact us for detailed information regarding our services. We prefer to talk to you in person in order to gain a better understanding of you and your pets needs.

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm, Saturday - Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm


For more information or to request a quote, please complete the form below: